Bola Ahmed Tinubu Can’t Determine Edo Peoples Choice – Oyegun

The former National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, John Odigie Oyegun has noted that the National Leader of the party, Bola Tinubu, can not determine the outcome of the governorship election in Edo State as an outsider.

The former Governor of Lagos State had earlier called on voters in the state to vote against the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Godwin Obaseki.

Tinubu in his statement noted that the Edo State Governor is not a democrat and did not partake in the struggle for Nigeria’s democracy, t.fore he should be voted out in the Saturday governorship poll.

Oyegun while reacting to the statement called on the APC national leader to stop interfering in the political situation in the South-South state.

He also urged all political gladiators to ensure that the forthcoming governorship election is peaceful.

Oyegun also denied issuing a statement on the outcome of the gubernatorial election in Edo State, noting that his statements on the political situation in the state have been consistent.

He said: “I read with great consternation and disgust a statement purportedly issued by me on a so-called outcome of the gubernatorial election in Edo State.”

“First let me state emphatically that at no time did I issue any statement, verbally or written, on the fortunes of the APC, or any other party in the imminent election.”

“The said statement which is making rounds in social media could only have originated from sick minds and desperate persons of criminal orientation. My views and statements on the Edo State political situation have been consistent.”

I strongly advised against the mistreatment of Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki by the late unlamented National Working Committee, (NWC), of the APC and his subsequent forced exit from the APC. Governor Obaseki stood bravely for the dignity and pride of his people and in the process suffered unacceptable indignities.

In the matter of who governs Edo State, the people are sovereign and no individual or group, whatever their status, can decide on their behalf. I stand with the people of Edo State and urge them to come out massively to exercise their democratic right! They should vote for good governance, common decency, principled leadership, especially in the political arena and the protection of their vital democratic rights. They should by their votes, make clear that it is their right to choose their Governor and nobody else! T. is no room for fence sitters.

“This is a special situation and primitive loyalties should and must be set aside. Remember Mr President’s admonition in an equally challenging pre-election situation in Imo State. “Vote your conscience”.

There will be peace on Saturday. Come out and vote your conscience.

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