Meet Kafayat Sanni. The World of Nigeria’s First Female Fighter Pilot.

Kafayat sanni made history on Tuesday, October 15, 2019, when she became the first female fighter pilot in the 55-year-old history of the Nigerian Air Force.

After emerging as the overall best pilot at the NAF 401 Flying Training School, Kaduna State, in 2017, she was sent to the United States of America to train at the US Aviation Leadership Programm..

She is the first that went through regular combat training at the Nigerian Defence Academy to be winged for a fixed wing fighter aircraft..

Upon the completion of the programme, Sanni back and was decorated alongside 12 new fighter pilots at the NAF Headquarters, Abuja, on Tuesday October in 2019..

she grabbed the first female trophy in flying Alpha Jets and others, her colleague, Late Tolulope Arotile, also trained at the Starlite International Training Academy, South Africa for 14 months, to become the first female combat helicopter pilot.

We pray to God the Almighty to please for protection her against the evil ones in the military’s that set up late Tolulope Akosike and killed Her, Amen.

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