What do we call a gate?

Physically it is a huge door that is usually installed to prevent people from entering a particular place. Spiritually it stands for the elders of a city.

For example when Jesus said I will build my Church and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it. By the gate of hell; it is referring to principality and power.

There are gates to cities, maybe your problem is because the city where you live. When you consider Jericho for example in 2kings 2 v 19-20 the city was beautiful but there was a problem in the city; anyone who is in the city, suffered bareness, suffered death, they suffered abortion, they suffer end miscarriages.

They needed someone to deal with the gate of the city, when the gate of the city was dealt with; curses ended, bareness ended, death ended.

So I am saying to all of you from various villages and cities, all the gates that have been harboring evil shall be forced open tonight in Jesus name.
Or you could look at another example, Samaria in 2King 7 v 1-11 the reason the gates in Samaria were shut, is not because of the people inside, it is because of the enemies outside.

Because there is a siege and the gates had to be shut to prevent the enemies from coming in, but because the gates were shut, famine came, people began to eat their children, and all kinds of problems follow.
So for the gates of Samaria to be opened, external enemies had to be dealt with. And when the Almighty God intervened; the siege was lifted, famine ended and abundance came.

Now if there are enemies outside the gates of your cities, seen and unseen, I decree such enemies will be scattered in Jesus name.

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