Let’s be honest there’s only so much a man can take on racism in United State of America

I never knew the full meaning of racism until I moved to the US. It’s in the body language, the gaze, the intentional omission, unfair treatment, just to name a few.

As a Nigerian living in the US I find myself in an emotional war as I constantly try to suppress all these acts of racism. But let’s be honest there’s only so much a man can take.

We live in an era where acts of systemic racism has eaten so deep that black lives mean nothing and can be taken at will. Thankfully, a handful of these inhumane acts are captured on camera. But for a moment think about those that were never captured and the amount of lives that have been lost. Alarming!!!

Minorities have suffered enough in a system that has been built to favor a certain sect. With each passing day the blood of the slain cry for justice. This should be our wake up call as human beings created in God’s image not to be silent anymore. Anger at this point is justifiable, and I pray that God grants us wisdom to take the right actions that will bring about the change the world needs right now.

To every life lost, I am sorry this land failed you. May the peace of God that passes all human understanding be with everyone grieving during these scary times.

If all these horror doesn’t worry you, then you are the problem. Let it be known that we will no longer be quiet and justice shall prevail. God bless us all. #blacklivesmatter

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