The Strange Satanism of Bill Gates, By Reno Omokri.

In John 10:10 Christ said satan’s mission is to steal, kill and destroy. Since the year 2000, Bill and Melinda Gates have spent $5 billion feeding Africans and saving African lives. It thus betrays ingratitude for Africans to call them satanic agents. Can we not give them the benefit of the doubt? We have produced no evidence to substantiate these rumours, yet we are so prepared to forget all their good deeds and just label them anti Christ.

How can you say Bill and Melinda Gates are satanic agents when Christ said satan came to steal, kill and destroy? For years, they have been doing the opposite of that. It is particularly disappointing for politicians to make that claim. Can you do for your people what Bill Gates has done for them?

Sadly, misguided Africans insulted Bill and Melinda Gates when they expressed concern about deaths on the streets of Africa. But look at Kano. If we had taken their warnings seriously, Kano won’t be a COVID-19 hotspot today, despite having tens of thousands of mosques and hundreds of churches.

How can you have individuals who have not lifted a finger to help their people. Who have not shared palliatives out of their pocket. Who have not done giveaways. Their only contribution to the CoronaVirus fight is to insult Bill and Melinda Gates, who have spent more money on African’s health than their own governments

Bill and Melinda Gates were not satanic agents when they provided anti malarial medicines to Nigeria, or when they provided food aid to the insurgency ravaged Northeast. Now they are satanic. Africa and ingratitude. What a shame!

Right now, there will be racist haters of Black Africans, approaching Bill Gates and laughing at him, while saying ‘did we not tell you that no matter what you do, they will never be grateful?’ Africans. Without evidence, we have crucified a friend of Africa!

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