Covid-19: Tribute to a FALLEN CHAMPION: CAROL OSSAI, by Princess Muzvare Betty Makoni

We join the global sickle cell community in mourning the loss of Carol Ossai, a true champion of the global fight against Sickle Cell Disease.

Carol Ossai was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sickle Cell and Young Stroke Survivors UK, a charity founded from her personal experience of caring for her son when he had his first stroke at the age of 6 years and many more after that.

Late Carol Ossai with her friends

She was one of the founding members of the Global Sickle Cell Disease Association for Sickle Cell Patients and worked across the 5 continents. She was also the founder of Sickle Cell in Africa Patient Parent Network (SCAPPN) a network of patients and parents of grassroots patient-led community groups and NGO’s in Africa.

Carol was working on the first Sickle Cell in Africa Patient/Parent Network to be held in Uganda in November of this year as part of Sickle Cell and Young Stroke Survivor’s 15th Anniversary.

Late Carol Ossai

Carol’s background was in Food and Consumer studies but after having her son Daniel in 1996, she was introduced into the sickle cell world and worked tirelessly for the advancement of Sickle Cell Disease around the world.

Carol lost her battle to COVID19 this morning, leaving a huge gap in our hearts and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all that she did in her capacity to raise awareness of the plight of the sickle cell community around the globe.

We will all miss you, Carol. Our collective prayers are with your family and all those impacted by your loss as we pray for your peaceful rest 🙏🏿🙏🏿😢

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