Do you realize that if the world ends now, nothing else would matter again by Are King Ebimomi

Do you realize that if the world ends now, nothing else would matter again?

The house you’re building and planning to move into in June, the baddass car you just bought that you want to show off to your friends, that exquisitely beautiful and homely girl you’re planning to marry next week, the 250k debt your friend is owing you, the six months salary you’re owed at work, the guy that took your laptop and never returned it, the 350k iPhone X you’re planning to buy next week, the trip to Greece you’ve been wishing to take with your husband for ever, that pretty sweet-smiling lady you’re planning to go visit in South Africa, the colour of shoes you’ll wear to match your gele to Bisi’s wedding next weekend, even Bisi’s wedding…

Do you realize none of these things would matter again?

The only concern you’ll have then is where you’ll spend eternity – heaven or hell.

And, for a split second, if you’ve not been living right, and if Jesus is not your accepted Lord and Saviour, you’ll wish you could be given a few more days, more months or more years, to make amends.

That wish for a little more time is what you have right now.

Make amends, live right by God, and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, and you’ll have divine and sweet rest of mind like I do now.

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