Emir Sanusi: You can’t eat your cake and have it.


A gold fish needs no introduction and advertisement. Even the dullest amongst us would agree that the dethroned EMIR Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is one of the most beautiful and refined icons to have emerged from the northern part of Nigeria in the last 2- 3 decades. A highly cerebral and polemic man inbuilt with high intellect , sagacity and indeed a distinct economist .

Right from his time at the First Bank , The CBN and through to his enthronement as the Emir and the 2nd in command to the Sultan of Sokoto in the emirate cadre , he has shown he’s not a man to be cowed and subdued in the face of fascism . He stood for whatever he believed in without trepidation , fear of rejection and denouncement .

“You can suspend a man but you can never suspend the truth”. The words ascribed to him showed a lot about his biological make up . Speaking truth to power regardless of whose Ox is gored is in his DNA , and I doubt if he would change in the foreseeable future regardless of his present travails .

To the meat of this piece . Every man, no matter how highly placed, belonging to a society is expected to operate within some rules and norms, either written or unwritten . This is so even before the pre colonial era. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria dictates and indicates the functions expected of the “rulers” , from the president and to the ward’s Councillor and to the “ruled” , the citizenry.

The role of traditional ruler , though not specified in the constitution demands the occupier to be apolitical . They aren’t meant to support a party , group or individual above another . Being a father to all and sundry should be their watch word irrespective of religion affiliation and political inclination . SLS failed in this regard by pitching his tent with Kwankwansiya group against “Gandoller” in the 2019 gubernatorial elections .

A traditional ruler is meant to listen more and speak less . He’s meant to correct abnormalities or ills in the society by diplomacy and dialogue. And not through public outcry, castigation and criticism . Virtually all the northern elites and politicians had been touched directly or indirectly by the vitriol, venoms and fangs of the deposed Emir. Even the acclaimed man of integrity , General Muhammadu Buhari whose popularity is fast fading out wasn’t spared of his fangs . One would think SLS with his status who could knock at any door could have reached out to him .

The lesson in this unnecessary and avoidable saga for everyone is to know that indeed power is transient . Just like life itself, it is ephemeral. Buhari, Ganduje and the powers that be today would be there only for a limited time . Posterity will remember everyone of us and our deeds. I am sure SLS has leant his lessons albeit, the hard way . Everyone including the Northerners, Southerners , Muslims, Christians, the young and old should rally round him in his travails and tribulations . For his character and brain is still very much needed in our political and public firmament .

Abimbola, a member of Qatar Council of Healthcare Practitioners writes from Doha.

What’s your take about this? Leave your comment, thank you.

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