Those that put Buhari in power are the ones crying over the removal of Former Emir of Kano- Femi Fani-Kayode.

Those that put Buhari in power in 2015 are mostly the ones crying over Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s removal as Emir of Kano.

Sanusi supported Buhari and applauded him when he persecuted those of us that opposed his candidacy in 2015.

Why should he lament now and not continue the applause? Is Buhari no longer his Messiah?

And to those of you from the south who excitedly pronounce in whispering tones that Sanusi will be the PDP or APC presidential candidate in 2023 I say this: your suffering under Buhari will pale into insignificance and appear like a joyous and pleasurable summer holiday when compared to what will happen to you if Sanusi, the master of taqquiya, ever becomes President of Nigeria.

It is at that point that you will know the meaning of hell on earth and enjoy the full brunt of northern hegemonist power. Simply put, in Sanusi, you don’t know who and what you are dealing with and you will never know until it is too late.

Once again, just like in 2015, you have been fooled and scammed and another monster is gradually being groomed and packaged as a Messiah for the nation.

Sadly many southerners are buying into it. How gullible, weak and pitiful they are!

Is it because Gideon Akaluka was only a poor man and a Christian that no-one gives a damn about who cut off his head? Is it because he came from the “wrong” part of the country?

Is that why the whole thing is still being brushed under the carpet as if he was not a human being with dreams and aspirations like everyone else?

And regardless of where he came from or what his religious faith was did he not have a right to life?

Are we as a nation and a people under a spell or have we been cursed?

May God judge Nigeria for her insensitivity and her love for bloodthirsty and bloodlusting monsters who delight in deceit, violence, wickedness and injustice.

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