How they lured, abducted and murdered IG Odunukwe by Kelechi Nwagbaraocha

A Social media user took to his Social media page and posted how I G Odunukwe was murdered.

Here is what Kelechi posted!

Billionaire businessman, IG Odunukwe kidnapped and murdered

He went missing on the 1st of December 2019.

“Some miscreants pretending to be estate buyers lured him because he wanted to sell his property at Abuja for N900m.

The remains of IG

Probably hypnotized him, he gave them all the original documents of the property and they killed him immediately they got hold of the papers.

Business man IG before he met his untimely death

He disappeared but because he discussed it with his cousin lawyer who he asked to make agreement for him, the lawyer raised alarm and the criminals were apprehended at the site trying to resale the property to another person.”

The four guys pictured below are the alleged killers.

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