All you need to know about Benjamin Aderounmu (AKA) Kokoro

The legendary Kokoro, Benjamin Aderounmu. Due to his blindness, people exploited him a great deal. He was making money from shows and events but most of the money never got to him. He was at one time homeless and had to play on Lagos streets to make ends meet.

Benjamin ‘Kokoro’ Aderounmu.

Benjamin was born 25th February 1925, he died 25th January 2009.

He was a very popular blind musician born into a Royal family from Owo in Ondo State,Nigeria.

He was making use of his eyes until he became blind at 10 years of age. 1n 1947,he moved to Lagos having earlier developed a unique style of singing,first with a drum and later with a tambourine.

Great man

Kokoro featured regularly on Federal and State radio stations in the 1960’s right up to the early 1980’s and same for TV stations as well.

The revered author Cyprian Ekwensi wrote a fictionalized version of his life in his novel ‘Drummer Boy’.

Then Governor Raji Fashola of Lagos State, donated a 2 Bed-room apartment to Kokoro in 2007 haven learnt he was homeless.

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