We hold our leaders responsible for all the problems of our nation- Micheal Bamiloye

We are quick to put the blames of our national sickness and social malady on the doorsteps of President, Senators, Honorables, etc. We hold our leaders responsible for all the problems of our nation. Yes. Our leaders are failure. A colossal waste of highly inteligent human resources, full of covetousness and greed.

However, when we tamper with the Electricity Meters in our houses so that we could cheat the government of actual electricity charges, that is not the sin of a leader. When the drugs in the government hospital is diverted into private clinics and medicine stores, that is not the sin of the leaders. When civil servants who are to report for duties arrive at duty posts at 12pm but register 7.30am on the time-book, that is not the offence of the national leaders. When the infrastructures meant for the national pleasure are vandalized by the common man and the parts are carted away and sold in the common market, and when drivers of cars and vehicles of government parastertals turn the vehicles to public transport on official duties, will that also be the sin committed by national leaders?

When our youths are obssessed with getting out of this country to foreign countries and never cared about endangering their lives across the vast Sahara deserts in the endless hot sand, just to get to Europe and majority of them drown in the sea of Algeria…can the leaders be responsible for that? The Exam invigilators who were bribed to walk out of the examination halls for teachers to supply answers to the students and resulting in widespread malpractices which caused massive cancelation of results…whose fault would that be also? Leadership or Followership.

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