Your marriage may not be merry if, you don’t have money- Reno Omokri

It is not that MONEY brings LOVE. No. LOVE is like a car. Without fuel, that car is going nowhere. Without MONEY, your LOVE will becoming BORING. The LACK of MONEY is more EVIL than the LOVE of MONEY.

Both extremes are EVIL, but to LACK is more EVIL than to LOVE. If you LOVE MONEY, you can learn not to LOVE it. But if you LACK MONEY, you don’t even know whether or not you LOVE it.

Make sure you have money before you marry , if not! Your marriage may not be marry.


It is not every time you fight physically- Reno Omokri.

Scripture says Christ withdrew when He was aware of the Pharisees plot to kill him. It is not every time you fight physically. Wisdom is also a weapon. Avoid enemies. It’s not cowardice.

It is wisdom. Some people only get noticed if they fight you. That is why Romans 16:17 says “mark them who cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which you have learned; and avoid them.” You don’t have to argue with a stubborn hater in real life or social media. Just MARK them and AVOID them. Quietly use the BLOCK or MUTE button!

Too much wisdom. Thanks Reno.

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Read how pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye walked a mile to avoid fight with his wife, Mummy G.O.

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Adeboye, has shared an inspiring experience about his marriage to his wife Folu Adeboye.
Pastor Adeboye revealed that he walked a mile away from his wife some time ago when an argument erupted in his car.
According to the popular preacher, he got married when he was only 19 years so many people could predict what was going to happen to their marriage in the future but they determined to prove people wrong.

However, he stated that their resolution not to fight almost got broken one day.
He narrated that they were traveling to Lagos from Ilesha one day and then something made Mummy Folu angry and

Pastor Adeboye said he knew she was right.
She was talking while Pastor Adeboye was driving. He was angry as well but he could not talk and there was nowhere to run.
When Pastor Adeboye could not control it anymore, he parked the car and walked away because he did not want to break the rule.

He got down and walked back towards Ilesha. He left Mummy Folu in the car with their baby. After walking for a mile, he got to a village where they were selling fruit, he bought and ate some and then took the remaining to his wife in the car.

By now, she was worried and scared but when she saw him, she became happy.
Pastor Adeboye then presented her with the peace offering, the fruits.
He concluded that it was the action he took so as to avoid breaking their agreement.


All you need to know about the state Solidarity walk about AMOTEKUN today in Nigeria.

There is going to be a solidarity walk today from some states in Nigeria, in support of AMOTEKUN in all Yoruba land.

Below are the listed meeting points for each states: Please kindly update our lovely YORUBAS.



TIME: 9am.

  1. OGUN:

Otunba Shade Olukoya: 08098188088.

Princess Tanimowo Okusanya: 08097947674

Chief Jimoh Olawale Taofeek – 08033080147

VENUE: Pansheke Junction, Abeokuta.

  1. EKITI:
    Comrade Sunday Asefon: 08067888810.

Comrade Femi Oluwajuyitan: 08062515271.

Pastor Praise Ayodele – 08034437501

VENUE: Fajuyi Roundabout, Ado-Ekiti.

  1. OYO:
    comrade Victor Taiwo: 08126923916.

Princess Oyeronke Akinlolu: 08038043484.

Evang. Kunle Adesokan: 08031141991

VENUE: Opposite Agodi Cenotaph, Government House, Ibadan.

  1. LAGOS:

Arc. George Akinola: 08034253639

Chief Solagbade Popoola: 08037200157.

Comrade Olatunde Pedro: 08037716115

Comrade Dotun Hassan: 08033931229

VENUE: Faweyinwimi Fredoom Park, Ojota.

  1. OSUN:

Dr. Akin Adejuwon

Comrade Adekanola Desmond: 08033626318

VENUE: Nelson Mandela Freedom Park, Osogbo.

  1. ONDO:

Comrade Oluyi Tayo Alariwo: 08034562871

Comrade Eric Oluwole: 08060296855

Mr. Tola Ogunlalaka: 08077527848

VENUE: Democracy Park, Opposite Oja-Oba Market, Akure.


CONTACT: Maxwell Adeleye: 07039168005



I have protective shields and I am ready to be an Amotekun- Iyabo Okunola

A 60 years old Female hunter Iyabo Okuola from Ibadan in Oyo state of Nigeria say’s she’s eagerly waiting to be enlisted in operation Amotekun.

Female hunter Iyabo Okunola

According to Iyabo Okuola, She said she was never into security services but, actually fit for it and have all it takes.

” I am a courageous hunter. I have protective shields and I am ready for any task that has to do with hunting”.


And the entire world went mad by ChristieLee – Mum.

One day a woman gave up her lucrative career that she loved, worked hard for and excelled at as well as earning millions to be with the man that she loves.

She made the decision, which I am positive was extremely emotional, to pack up her entire life, kiss her loved ones good bye and moved to an entirely different country to be with the man she loves.

She said goodbye to her single mother who raised her on her own and life as she knew it to be with the man she loves.

She gave up any ounce of privacy she had once enjoyed and took on the role gracefully and without hesitation to be with the man she loves.

She is constantly scrutinised, bullied and vilified by the media and is the constant target of relentless racism. The tabloid headlines are vile and sickening to read but the people revel in that kind of hatred toward her but she still shows up, she still smiles for the cameras and she never waivers in her support for her husband. She endures to be with the man she loves.

She chose to carry the baby that both her and her husband wanted, suffering through morning sickness, extreme hormonal changes, aches and pains and all the added risks of pregnancy when under extreme pressure.

She was called too fat, too old and too pretentious for protectively holding her growing belly as she grew a human being inside of her, she knew she would no longer be in control of her own body all the while being called a liar who was faking her pregnancy. All to be with the man she loves.

She went through postpartum anxiety and NEARLY broke down in a public interview, she was not offered love and support from the public instead she was called a drama queen!

Accused of just being a great actor capable of crocodile tears yet, only after years of having her acting abilities scrutinised, but she continued to be the pillar of strength in the public eye and raising her baby boy, to be with the man she loves.

The world never bat an eyelid over everything she gave up. The entire world chewed her up, spat her out and then demanded more.

One day a man said he would not be bullied into playing a game that killed his beloved mum. He and his wife made the choice to put theirs and their childs mental health and well-being first.

That grown man, who is very capable of making his own choices, decided to give up his career to be with the woman he loves.

And the entire world went mad…

Credits to ChristieLee – Mum. That’s a bad word



Reflecting on good DADS and HUSBANDS- The 1% of good men standing by, Dr Muzvare-Princess Betty Makoni

If your dad says I choose you my son. Your future is what I fight for. Then we know the same father can fight for any child. Prince Harry passes the test.

If your husband tells you I have heard all nasty things about you and I want to love you forever then know that man is rare type. A husband who protects you can protect any vulnerable woman. Prince Harry passes one of the hardest tests 99% husbands failed.

Prince Harry is ONE MAN STANDING. No man who stands with wife and children fails. Check history and literature books.

Prince Harry and son

Prince Harry will be our teacher forever. No matter what we will write or say but we will never replace what is in his heart-his WIFE and SON.The world is dealing with broken families where fathers left. Wise fathers like Prince Harry RARE

Dr Muzvare-Princess Betty Makoni



If you love yourself too, you must not go into 2020 with these human viruses in your life

  1. The parasite- those who keep on taking and have nothing to offer, DELETE THEM!
  2. The discourager- those who always give you reasons why all you want to do can’t work. I call them the “It can’t be possibles”, DELETE THEM!
  3. The jealous- those who abhor you when God is blessing you, DELETE THEM!
  4. The hater- those who want you to be where you are not where you want to be, DELETE THEM!
  5. The unstable- those who are for you today and against you tomorrow, DELETE THEM!
  6. The unreliable- those about whom you are not sure whose side they are on, DELETE THEM!
  7. The selfish- those who believe life is about them and them alone, DELETE THEM!
  8. The money-monger- those who can do anything to get money including selling you out to the highest bidder, DELETE THEM!
  9. Womanizer- these ones will one day go after your wife and daughter if they have not done so, DELETE THEM!
  10. The abuser of parents- these ones have cursed the day of their birth, don’t partake in their curse, DELETE THEM!
  11. The heartless- they will never think twice before they do you wrong including taking your life, DELETE THEM!
  12. The liar- these ones will engrave you with words that are false until the words put you in the grave, DELETE THEM!
  13. The tight-fisted- these ones will never have enough money, DELETE THEM! You need someone who has more than enough in 2020.
  14. The Godless- these ones are the biggest fools who think they can breathe without God and oxygen, DELETE THEM!
  15. The Dream-Killer- They love to kill human dreams because theirs are dead. If they can kill your dream, they can kill you too; DELETE THEM.