Read Areluoodua, Mabel Tinuade Ononeye message to Layk, AKA Moremi Oodua


The Yoruba people celebrated you as a freedom fighter, as POW returned. The federal government of Nigeria wages war on Yoruba people, they killed us, rape us, destroyed our farmland, kidnapping our people, stealing our resources to feed the Northerners, but you stood, fight for the freedom of your people in your own way. You’ve gone, but Eledumare brought you back into freedom. Your name is already written in the history book of Yoruba land like Sunday Adeyemo Igboho. Be grateful, some go and never returned.

🔴 #STOP: Redirect your spiritual realms connection. Your dreams are scary. The whole world already knew that Nigeria will sink one day. The whole world knows that, one day, Nigeria shall break into pieces, either the so called leaders, monarch like it or not. So my dear Lady K, in order for you not to become a subject of ridiculed in the sight of the public, STOP IT (dream). Keep praying and trusting Eledumare for Nigeria’s situations.

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