Survival of Covid-19 patient shared her experience

A Nigerian Lady by Ife Durosinmi Etti took to social media to shared her experience on how she survived Covid Covid-19.

Here is what she posted!

If I had 10,000 tongues, it still wouldn’t be enough, Na re ke Le mooooo! Last week, someone sent me a message and said, Ife, you’re the ‘E’ in extra and I love it😂😂.. I’ve accepted the title.

June tested my existence. From the first day to the end! Everyday was a horror movie. On the first of June, I woke up in soooo much pain! It started with headaches first, then body pains. I went into the hospital and I was diagnosed of a bacterial infection.

I wasn’t surprised with the result because someone who was also with me had also tested for bacterial infection in a totally different hospital, so I just took the meds they gave me and went home. Later that evening, my head was pounding like a machine. My body felt like someone was using a hammer to hit it all over. My temperature was extremely high, the pain all over was UNBEARABLE! I went back into the hospital at midnight, this time, I was admitted.

They gave me more pain meds through IV… NOTHING WORKED. I was restless, in pain, I begged for sleeping pills so I could forget the pain. Obviously, they didn’t give me. I was wide awake all night.

The next day… I was discharged with a new set of meds. All they gave me didn’t work. I decided to chest it. I went back on Friday and Saturday to complain that I wasn’t getting better… at this point, I couldn’t really talk again. It felt like I had 3 safety pins in my throat and the inner part of my neck was sewn together. I couldn’t talk..nothing.

Then a doctor randomly said I should just try to get tested for COVID since nothing was working, she then gave me a number to one of the centers on the island. I called them, till date, they didn’t get back to me.

I then decided to take matters into my own hands.. I had an AGS Tribe members husband who was a doctor, I called him immediately to tell him I wanted to get tested, unfortunately, he wasn’t on land, so he couldn’t test me… then one of my egbons sent a doctor to my house that night… I got tested with the Rapid Antigen test and I was POSITIVE! My life flashed before my eyes…

Cont’d on photos attached.

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