We’ve Stayed Up To 40 Days No Symptoms, allow us to go home -covid-19 Patients cries out from isolation centre

Nigerian in Covid-19 Patients want to go home. We want to go home, Nigerian Covid-19 Patients laments.

The patients expressed their dissatisfaction on the ways the government is handling their case. one complained that she has been at the isolation center for three weeks yet no symptoms, she claimed that Covid-19 test has been done but the doctors refused to tell them what their result is, Another woman claimed that when the ncdc official used the their test kit to insert inside her mouth, she lost her sense of smell and that was when the ncdc official told her that they are suspecting her case, despite that she has not developed any symptoms. The woman also claimed that she has 1 year and 6 months old baby that need attention.

Patient at Isolation home

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