Workers day: Health Care workers are the nation supperheroes- Shehu Musa Gabam.

The world is currently in a serious conflict not a conflict of gun battles but a conflict of survival through this deadly disease called Coronavirus that has kept us mute and keep us farwway from our ancestorial homes and Congressional worhsip centres for fear of been infected by this deadly disease. Many Nigerians has been home for over a month but there are few Nigerians working round the clocks having sleepless nights battling this Pandemic all for their fellow Nigerians to live and these are the Nigerian health workers.

Your solidarity is the unstoppable wave that creates a change in any country with our country Nigeria inclusive.You have rule our nation because all Men that live without labour live in solitary and with no dignity and true independence. These health workers are battling this Pandemic at the time most of our hospitals are rotten with no functional equipments and standard structures yet these food soldiers are solidly on ground working round the clock to combat this illmen . There is no sacrifice a nation can be proud of like we are been offer today by these Nigerians who are out to give their lives for others to survive .

My prayers are that this will open a road map for the nation greatness where massive infrastructures will be the country’s leadership priority at all levels as this disease presently left the entire country men and women with no option than to patronise our long abandoned health care system. The reports coming from other states of the federation is not encouraging as the fight against this Pandemic seem to have assume religious and political dimensions with some states Governors are affraid of loosing the support of some religious leaders which in turn make them to play the lives of their people. Nigerian leadership in all ratifications has for decades suffered a serious set back due to lack of trust and confidence of governed on the govenment . Nigerians has had and read many stories that seem to be a mere fictions from those the elected which succeeded in creating a mistrust between the leaders and the followers .

I salutes our workers courageous stand on a number of issues that helped greatly in strengthen our economy for decades . I must sincerely commends the efforts of our health workers for standing with our country during this Pandemic .You are indeed the heroes in this fight and history will never forget your sacrifices in paying a supreme prices of this deadly disease for other Nigerians to survive . We are living witnessed of the confrontation between Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi state and the national centre for disease control (NCDC),the Governor is qouted to have said from his Facebook page which went viral both on print and social media that “We don’t manufacture COVID-19 in Kogi” . This statement alone has further endanger the little trust NCDC was enjoying from Nigerians particularly the ill-infomed on whether or not the COVID-19 is true and not political.

I am calling on the both the federal and states government to as a matter of urgency come with a frame work such as lifetime insurance that will catter for the families of those health workers who lost their lives at the cost of the present health challenges of COVID-19 .

May Almighty Allah in his Mercy continue to protect us all,heal the infected ones and grant those who lost their lives eternal rest Ameen.

Happy workers day.

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