Covid-19 Is not a death sentence by Ealy

I want to share my story to whoever is sick in the hospital and tested positive for the virus & is wondering what’s next. I want to tell you YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THIS!!

I was first diagnosed on 3/23 after being in bed for 2 days with bronchitis and was prescribed a z pack and an inhaler for the week to take. As prescribed I took the medicine and it didn’t help at all. I had an up and down fever and body aches and pains that were unbearable. My breathing continued to get worse as the week went by. I couldn’t eat and the pain didn’t help because I really had to make an valiant effort and think of my next move especially going to the bathroom because the pain made me not want to go.

Finally on 3/29 I told my wife to take me to the hospital. I barely could walk and my wife, who I’m so thankful for, had to dress me and drive me to the hospital. Once we get to the E.R. I found out my temp was 101.8 and my oxygen level was at 80%. The nurses took me back and I couldn’t have any visitors due to my condition. With all the tests they ran on me I ended up having pneumonia and eventually tested positive for covid-19. With many people praying for me day by day I regain strength, and my lung function got stronger each day to the point I was released on 4/3 with only Tylenol to take for pain. That’s God!! Now I have to self quarantine in my bedroom for 2 weeks which is a small price to pay after all I’ve been through.


But I just want to say to whoever is going through the same or worse that YOU CAN MAKE IT!! God is a healer & I’m a walking testimony. The media pumps fear and death tolls but rarely shares the survival stories. THIS IS ONE TO BE SHARED!! I’m not doing this for likes of to receive sympathy. This is to help motivate and give faith to those who feel lost and don’t know what to do. If you need prayer you can inbox me and I will prayer for you and your family. You will get stronger and get through this. You are not alone!!

Love Ealy

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