Some Hausa’s Fruits sellers caught washing fruits from drainage water.

It’s obvious that these people are on killing mission. Their mission is to kill everyone, if not why would they be washing there products with dirty water? (FRUITS).

They left their state to kill innocent people in another state. This is hight of wickedness.

Hausa’s on death mission.

My advice to everyone on this issue is! Please be careful this days about where you buy fruits and people we bought them from.

This is hight of wickedness

I have seen many videos exposing some Hausas washing their fruits from water they got from drainage system. This is very bad look at where they are washing the fruits they are selling to people.

washing fruits with dirty water

If you see a situation like this, record it send it to social media, give the location of the seen and report to the nearest police station.


Hight of wickedness

Health is wealth.

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