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Covid-19: Let’s get real here by Mayegun’s General

Nigeria will go on lockdown in about 2 weeks. Everything will ground to a halt.

Gbajabiamila, Lawan, Emefiele and others met today to discuss how to help Nigerians during this period

They proposed N8,500 per household, others suggested further crash in petrol price and N25,000 per household. They are planning to pay those with lowest income directly via your BVN – the problem is the movement of cash, when to pay, how much to pay and for how long?


If they want to help, every household of 3 should receive N100,000 every 3 weeks until this ends. If you are living alone, you should receive N40,000 every 3 weeks. Use the BVN

Anything else is genje!


Stay safe famz

Maiyegun General

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