Reflecting on good DADS and HUSBANDS- The 1% of good men standing by, Dr Muzvare-Princess Betty Makoni

If your dad says I choose you my son. Your future is what I fight for. Then we know the same father can fight for any child. Prince Harry passes the test.

If your husband tells you I have heard all nasty things about you and I want to love you forever then know that man is rare type. A husband who protects you can protect any vulnerable woman. Prince Harry passes one of the hardest tests 99% husbands failed.

Prince Harry is ONE MAN STANDING. No man who stands with wife and children fails. Check history and literature books.

Prince Harry and son

Prince Harry will be our teacher forever. No matter what we will write or say but we will never replace what is in his heart-his WIFE and SON.The world is dealing with broken families where fathers left. Wise fathers like Prince Harry RARE

Dr Muzvare-Princess Betty Makoni

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