I dont know why anyone would bleach their skin- Reno Omokri.

Harvard University’s research proves that Black people have a ‘Methuselah Gene’ that makes us look younger than other races. It produces collagen and Melanin. Google it. Why would you want to bleach that away?

Every year, hundreds of millions of White people tan their skin to look more beautiful. It is a multibillion dollar industry. The belief that you don’t look good is in your head. Songs of Solomon 1:5 says It am Black and beautiful’. It is a love song Salomon wrote to a Black woman 3000 years ago. Look at yourself from head to toe. You are Black and you look good. Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived (other Christ), said so! Love your Black skin. Don’t BLEACH it. PREACH it!

Blessings Mr Omokri. You said it all.

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