Nothing hurts more than being disappointed- Naomi JP

Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the single person you thought would never hurt you. Especially when you told them in advance what would hurt you, and they did it anyway…….

Betrayal is an injury of the heart that heals slowly. The hurt recalls all the pain, the words, and the actions from someone you thought you could trust. It is a realization that the relationship experienced was a lie. Not only that, but your security has been ripped up from under you and you find yourself tumbling downwards.

You trusted them and they hurt you. Will you ever be able to trust again? The answer is yes if you choose to trust again. Take inventory of what was learned in the experience, forgive the person who hurt you, and move on. It will do you no good to hold onto the anger and bitterness. It will eat you up. Taking steps to healing and wholeness is a choice you make. You can either hold on to the victim mentality and be absorbed in self-pity, or break free from that and move in the direction God has set before you.

There are plans for you that you cannot imagine. Don’t stop believing in all the good that God has for you. He has not forsaken you and never will. You can trust him above all else for he is faithful all the time.

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